The Coastal Series

1-hour random looping website built with Processing. Time-lapse gif below.


I have been thinking about the way my brain operates.

Every time we access a memory, our brain overwrites the memory while recalling it. My experiences become the lens through which I see my memories, layering them with time and new memory, but also erasing and modifying that original experience.

I moved to Maine recently from Southern Maryland, and have become interested in the landscape of my memory and how my new home is similar/dissimilar from Maryland. Both are coastal areas, but the landscapes are very different. As I think about them however, elements from one cross over into the memory of the other, becoming more similar.

When you save a JPEG image, the file becomes recompressed as it tries to find places where it can combine colors to save space. My memories are not so different from these JPEGs, changing over time.