Tara Youngborg grew up on the Internet, starting in aol chatrooms where she pretended to be her brother to get an internet girlfriend (hey swimmergurl96!) before moving to a host of internet communities, where she felt more at home than in a house in a suburb of Baltimore, wishing at times she could crawl out of her skin and through her monitor, reverse “the ring” style. She has left enough of her soul embedded in the net that she feels safe enough living IRL now, but she will always store her memories on floppy disks and abandoned geocities sites, thumb drives and tumblrs, ephemera in the cloud.
Youngborg currently lives and works in the Washington, D.C region. She is interested in utilizing the Internet as a space where personal stories can become collaborative, and ways in which to use web-based technologies to create interactive artworks that are accessible to anyone with a computer and Internet. She is also interested in exploring how identity is created, formed, and displayed on the Internet. She has shown her work in Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, California, New Jersey, Michigan, Australia, and always on the web.


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